Zero to Production in Rust - Book Review

This week I finally finished working my way through this book. The very short summary is that its good, if you're new to Rust or want to dive a little deeper into it, check it out.

A few more thoughts:

  • Working with Rust is pretty nice. I've worked with it quite a lot to date but it was another reminder that the tooling and package ecosystem is pretty excellent.
  • There was a lot of TDD + refactor loops in the book. That worked okay for me as I was chipping through it in chunks of about 30 mins first thing in the morning. I imagine if you sat down to run through the whole book, that could get annoying.
  • It took me about 25 hours start to finish to work through the content. I wasn't aiming for speed by any means but that might be interesting for some people when considering the book.
  • Some libraries had undergone a version change since the PDF I purchased was created. I took that as a bit of a personal challenge to migrate to the new library. SQLX in particular has a new offline mode which took a moment to work out. Overall though, the book and the code repo seem to be getting minor updates and if you stick to the noted packages you'll be fine.
  • The tracing, logging and related tools mentioned were very cool. Sets a high bar for other ecosystems.
  • The book is written really well, props to the author for creating some really approachable content.
  • The final comment I will add is that following a course feels like its teaching you a lot but having the code there can be a crutch. I finished the book and started a similar project. It was interesting how quickly I needed to head back to Google to check on syntax etc.

Overall, good book. I feel more confident in Rust than before and keen to get stuck into some larger projects.

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